Business VoIP / SIP

A cost-effective, flexible and streamlined way to manage your business communications.

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP aims at saving major business costs spent on telecommunication services. At BTG, all our clients can opt for this value-added service integrated with other IT solutions. A VoIP system blends together all the services of telecommunications like voice mails, voice calls, and video conferencing on a single server with your IT network, which cuts all other running costs.

Some VoIP services:

  • Transforming your telecommunication needs to access high-definition voice calls, data and audio-video applications with an internet connection to ease worldwide communication thus cutting down the cost of telecommunication services.
  • Voice mail, auto-attendant, caller ID, conferencing, and forwarding features, as well as long-distance calls provided at a competitive rate
  • With BTG, you can travel anywhere or place the communication handsets anywhere in the world with very minimal installation costs.
  • A centralised telephonic system with more reliability.
  • Our server makes use of hosted PBX systems that optimise call production and help businesses communicate in both external and internal environments.
  • We also provide all sort of smartphone apps and software phones for better communication.

Why BTG?

The expert team of BTG IT professionals ensure proper integration of IT network and provides you a mix of internet telecommunication services. Key factors which make us stand apart in the line of digital services include:

Integrated IT solutions

BTG’s Melbourne-based IT structure enriched with 20 years of excellence and IT expertise with professionals ensure round-the-clock services without any hindrance in work. Our VoIP services are one of a kind because of our extensive knowledge and experience of  IT infrastructure. We work consistently with our clients to ensure that there are no errors at the forefront. We understand our clients’ goals and budget and provide them with integrated and effective solutions.

Melbourne-based team

Easily accessible and professional support for Australian businesses that avail of our IT services. In case of any mishaps with VoIP, we work closely with our clients to resolve issues as early as possible.

Some of our clients


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