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BTG’s layered protection solutions

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns of any business conglomerate today. We all want to ensure that our business is up and running no matter what circumstances come along the way. In case your day-to-day business functionality gets disrupted due to some events, it may cause a loss of vital information. Having a disaster recovery plan protects your business from data discrepancies.  We understand the needs of our clients and work accordingly to ease your stress by providing you backup for your data and configurations.

Comprehensive data recovery solutions that provide peace of mind.

BTG’s unique backup strategy and business continuity management services ensure the least amount of downtime as it could lead to huge losses. We use techniques like parallel cloud storage to save your important documents and folders, and any affected business can be back on track within 6-12 hours. On the other hand, other platforms may make you wait for days on end. Our disaster-recovery team works closely towards strategising the important aspects and measures to be taken to recover the data.

Why Choose BTG?

By creating a recovery plan from the day you sign up for our services, our Melbourne-based team of skilled IT experts ensure the overall protection of your database and provide an all-in-all continuation of clients’ business within a limited time span. We assess the potential threats and problems which may arise and efficiently manage the disasters with our server based in Melbourne and highly secured with toolkits.

In this competitive market, BTG stands out because of its speedy business continuity management solutions and recovery methods. We are determined to achieve unstoppable growth for your business and have been delivering the same since 1996.

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