Forensic Investigations

Forensic Investigations

Forensics investigation involves the identification, extraction, preservation, and documentation of evidence with the use of digital tools to be presented in the court of law. Give your business the security it needs with BTG’s forensic investigation solutions. Trace activities that can be harmful to your business in the future. Cybercrimes are very common these days and you should not risk your privacy and protection.

What we offer:

The BTG team works closely with private detectives to uncover evidence of cybercrime and sabotage. Following are some of the behaviours we have identified with our forensic investigations:-

  • Sabotage by disgruntled current and former employees
  • Corporate fraud
  • Embezzlement of company funds
  • Data theft
  • Cyberbullying

We can also:

  • Recover deleted data
  • Uncover online activities
  • Identify unauthorised user activity
  • Locate malicious monitoring software including spyware and keyloggers


In any such case of cybercrime, our forensic experts identify and gather all the relevant information that can be presented in the form of evidence in front of the court.

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