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Website Design is the First Crucial Step in
Establishing your Digital Presence

What makes your users stay? Along with beautiful web designs, the utility and usability of your website matter as well. Our team of experts at BTG understand what the market demands and help businesses in establishing a unique online presence with excellent websites.


Before designing your website, we carefully analyse your brand’s goals and identity to ensure that what we put out is what you represent. It’s not just a website but a way to build trust and engage with your audience.

Quality Websites That Demand Attention

Explore just some of the ways we’ve used web design to evolve our clients’ digital presence.

Conversion-optimised web design for businesses
of all sizes

An effective website design conveys the brand message while efficiently engaging with the target customers. We provide end-to-end web design services to our clients:-


  • CMS – When we design your website, we ensure that you are the one in control. Carrying out effective and custom-built CMS is our goal when it comes to creating websites for our clients.
  • E-commerce – Experience is everything for e-commerce businesses. A good website design can build your presence and make the customer purchase journey seamless.
  • Hosting – We offer location-specific web hosting services.
  • Web Application Design – Web applications are the present and future of the digital world. We design a plethora of web applications like the web-based intranet, e-learning platforms, pricing engines, member portals, comparison sites, forums, stock management, booking and accounting applications.
  • Domain Registration – We can register your website domain as per your requirements and manage them.

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