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Give your business the winning edge in Google Search, Maps and other search engines with a perfectly strategised search engine marketing campaign. Increase your exposure to potential customers for your business. Marketing experts at BTG hand craft conversion-focused strategies that will help your business gain steady and profitable growth. Only experts know how to take your marketing from zero to hero!

Our philosophy

Getting traffic is easy but getting traffic that also converts into leads for your business is not everyone’s cup of tea. BTG focuses on the return on investment factor above everything else. With proper research, analysis and strategies, profit can be easily driven through pay-per-click advertising. Our marketing experts analyse the scope and demand of the market and check how it will align with the clients’ business goals and objectives. We streamline the clients’ websites and landing pages with the focused set of keywords and create an AdWords campaign with a high-quality score so that it also has an efficient conversion rate.

Our capabilities

  • Making our clients’ name pop up when someone searches for a related product.
  • Everything from Remarketing campaigns, competitor campaigns to display network and service campaigns. 
  • Optimised conversion rates for better results with lesser investment costs.

Our approach

We follow a well-optimised approach for our clients. Our SEM experts first analyse the keywords that will be relevant to your business and focused on conversions, and start bidding on them. Then, our highly experienced copywriters create and refine your ad copy along with your landing page content. Depending upon your requirements, we also assign web developers and designers for your ad campaigns.

Why choose BTG?

BTG is a leading service provider in the digital space. At BTG, we use our technical expertise and excellent IT structure to carve unique solutions. We take into consideration our clients’ business needs and work accordingly to give better results each time.

When you partner with us, you receive all-rounder digital solutions from our team of highly experienced copywriters, web designers, developers, SEM technical experts and certified Adwords specialists.

Our primary focus is on your business’s long term growth and more stability of the business with increasing market competition.

Receive everything in one place. Our integrated solutions include social media marketing, SEO, CRO, content marketing, digital strategy development, email marketing and much more.

Partner with a company that prioritises your business goals

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